beesBees – lots of bees! Runamuk Farm Apiaries have placed  a number of hives along the edge of one of our hayfields. The hayfields, fence rows, and unmowed areas are providing lots of forage for honey production. Honey, Queens in nukes ready to be purchased, and soaps are available through Runamuk –  check out their website at Runamukacres.com  You can also find information on how to manage your property to provide habitat for pollinators!

Bobolinks – turns out major portions of our fields are high quality habitat for bobolinks (bobos, for short)! With help from a representative of the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, we have identified the most important nesting areas and have agreed not to cut the hay until after July 15th when hopefully the babies will have fledged. We now have a haying plan that allows us to hay significant portions of our fields while still preserving the most important habitat areas. Other grassland species, such as harriers (hawks) and meadowlarks may also benefit, and we are hoping to see more of these bird species whose number are diminishing.

The bees like the the idea that we’re not haying these areas, as well!