The Trails


Hyl-tun Farm has an extensive trail system available for non-motorized activities, such as hiking, wildlife watching, and horseback riding. This trail system consists of eight miles of bridle trails along streams and beaver flowages, as well as along the ridges of glacial eskers, through a mix of selectively cut and old-growth forests.

Horseback riders must use caution when using the trails, and are required to sign a farm release. Because of the many steep hills, bridges and water crossings, anyone new to trail riding or with a horse skittish about water or bridges should travel with at least one other, a more-experienced rider and horse. As stated in our Release, we are not responsible for accidents occurring out on the trails or on any other of our facilities.

Riders must consult with Gwen on the status of the trails and use of bridges. Our bridges and trails must be carefully checked and maintained especially after inclement weather. It is important to check with Gwen and see which trails, crossings, and bridges are safe for travel.

Trail Map