Hay Sales

The Hay

Both Ernie and Gwen grew up on farms making hay for livestock, and have been doing it ever since. We pride ourselves on the quality of our hay!hay

Whatever livestock you are feeding – horses, cows, goats, pigs, rabbits – we try to supply you with the best hay possible. Our forage hay is timothy, mixed grass with some clover, and nearly weed-free. We usually do first crop as soon as possible in June to get the best hay. Any hay that gets rained on is sold as bedding or mulch hay, unless it is of good enough quality to serve as “low cal” hay for our chubby mares.

Purchasing Hay

hayInBarnWe sell square bales – each is about 50 pounds. The best way to purchase hay is off the wagons when it is being harvested. It costs less  because we don’t have to unload it into the barns. You can put in an order for hay off-the-wagon in late May or early June, and we’ll give you a call when it is available. We have some flexibility on pick-up when we can park the wagon in the upper barn between hayings. If you do not have enough space in your barn to store hay for the winter we recommend that you pre-purchase hay, and then pick it up as you need it. Call ahead to get prices, and to arrange a time for pick-up.