Owners – Gwen & Ernie Hilton

Contact Gwen for hay and equestrian questions.
Contact Ernie for storage questions.

Contact info

Cell: (207) 399 – 9866

Cell: (207) 399 – 8699
Office: (207) 696-3800




8 Olde Ferry Road, Starks, Maine 04911

GPS Coordinates

Some GPS systems don’t recognize our address of 8 Olde Ferry Road, Starks. As an alternative you can plug in the coordinates of our location, which are: North 44.777052o, West -69.908195o

From Interstate 95 from Southern and Coastal Maine

Take Exit 130, Main St. in Waterville, head north on Rte. 104 which turns into Rte. 139 a total of about 8 miles to Norridgewock village; Go through Norridgewock village to the traffic light (the only one) then turn right at the light onto Rte 201A/ Rte 8 and cross the Kennebec River through a bridge construction project; then 8 miles to Madison; turn left at the traffic light (the only one); go down Main St. past the former paper mill on the left, across a second bridge over the Kennebec to a “T” intersection in Anson immediately at the end of the bridge. Go left on Rte 43 about 2 and 1/4 miles to the large barn on the right (west) side of the road at the top of the hill, or 2.5 miles to the “HylTun Farm” sign on the left. Turn left onto Olde Ferry Road and another immediate left into driveway.

From Northern Maine

Go south on I-95 to Newport; take US Rte 2 west about 20 miles to Skowhegan; then north on US Rte 201 five miles to an intersection with Rte 148 on left (Chrysler dealership on right); turn left onto Rte 148 and go five miles to Madison and the traffic light mentioned above; then go straight through the light and follow the directions given above.


Some functions take place at the home place which is 2.5 miles from Madison bridge. Other functions are at a slightly different location at a large barn on the top of a hill at only 2.25 miles from the bridge 0.25 mile prior to the “HylTun” Farm sign. Look for event signs.

From Southwest and Western Maine

Head to Farmington and take Rte 2 east to Norridgewock and follow the directions above to get to Madison; or take Rte 43 east from Farmington to Starks village; then, staying on Rte 43, at about five to six miles from Starks village you will start to climb a hill and half way up the hill there will be the Olde Ferry Road on the right. Turn right and an immediate left into the driveway.

If going to the alternate location at the large barn, stay on Rte 43 for another 0.25 mile and turn left at a huge barn at the top of the hill. Make sure the yellow light is off before turning. If unfamiliar with the term “yellow light” see below or or call for more info.

The “Yellow Light”

The “yellow light” is a safety feature to assist in entering or exiting the barnyard at the large  storage and event barn located at the top of the hill 0.25 mile north of Olde Ferry Road and on the west side of the road. Safely entering or exiting the barnyard is complicated by the fact one cannot see oncoming traffic coming up over the hill from the north. The yellow light positioned on the south end of the quonset-shaped barn can assist in making the left turn into the barnyard when approaching from the south. To safely turn left into the barnyard, you MUST make sure you understand how the yellow light works since it will let you know whether any traffic is coming from the opposing direction. Anyone unfamiliar with the term “yellow light” as it applies to this place, please call ahead and ask Ernie or Gwen to explain.

Basically, there is a yellow traffic light mounted on the side of the barn. If it is on, it indicates there is traffic coming up over the hill from the opposite direction, so DO NOT TURN into the barnyard. Wait until the light goes off before attempting any sort of turn. Even then, proceed with caution.

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