Equestrian Offerings

equestrianOfferingsIndividual riders and instructors with students are welcome to ride at Hyl-tun Farm’s equestrian facilities. We also welcome, anyone wanting to host an event at our facility. Over the past twenty years, we have hosted many events for the Northeast Region Pony Club (international organization for kids and adults) including hunter paces, show jumping rallies, eventing rallies, clinics and ratings. We have also sponsored events through the Maine Combined Training Association. Other local trail-riding groups have also used our trails, so western style riders, endurance riders, and really all riding disciplines are welcome.

Our vast open riding spaces are one of the best qualities of farm. In addition to the jump course field, we have big, wide open fields and miles of bush-hogged trails through the woods, with steep hills, ditches and other jumps along the way.

Because our jump courses are in open fields and trails, riders must be experienced at riding in the open, unless special arrangements are made for use of an enclosed area.

Always Call Ahead and Confirm that the Farm is Open!

Footing associated with the weather or the status of the course and trails are all issues that change from time to time. Maintenance is a big and ongoing chore. For example, most of our bridges need to be rebuilt, and not all are safe for horseback riders. Contact Gwen at least a couple of days ahead.

We Do Not Offer:

  • Hyltun Farm Riding Lessons – we do not have school horses or a farm instructor
  • Hyltun Farm Trails Rides – we don’t have horses to rent for trail riding.
  • Hyltun Farm Long-term Boarding – we don’t offer long-term boarding, but do offer short-term stabling associated with multi-day clinics and/or riding adventures. Horse owners are responsible for all horse care.